We now offer a developer version of Metacognitive Training for Psychosis (MCT), as well as the individualized version (MCT+). This gives you the opportunity to modify the original MCT slides and add your own exercises. For example, you may wish to include culture-specific exercises/stimuli, or may prefer alternative formulations (e.g., some colleagues favor "people with psychotic symptoms" or "people with psychotic experiences" over "people with psychosis"). However, changes to our original PowerPoint presentations are subject to certain criteria, with which we kindly ask you to comply.

Terms of use

Before creating an account, you have to accept the following terms of use:

1. The slides may be used under the terms of a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license (attribution, non-commercial, distribution under the same conditions). This means that if material from the MCT program is used in other contexts or in conjunction with other interventions, it must be clearly indicated that the material was derived from the MCT slide set, and the authors, as well as the primary translators, should be credited on the first slide (the names can be found on the MCT/MCT+ page for each language version at or

2. Please inform us immediately about new MCT/MCT+ variants; this includes new or altered stimuli for the modules, or application of the MCT modules to different clinical groups (e.g., children; people with social anxiety). We request that these variants may be uploaded to the MCT website so that they can be made available for other clinicians; these variants will acknowledge your contribution on the first slide, of course. New MCT variants may only be used non-commercially (see also point #1) in the sense of the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license (e.g., no sale).

3. We kindly request that you create new variants in the "spirit" of MCT (i.e., "normalization" instead of stigmatization of psychosis; "sowing the seeds of doubt" about corrective experiences, focus on cognitive distortions in psychosis and emotional problems).

4. Material from the MCT package may not be inserted into commercial programs; this equates to a license violation, especially since many pictures exclude usage for commercial purposes.

5. If you use or create a personalized version of MCT, please clearly state this so that there is no confusion with the original MCT version (e.g., the first slide should provide your name; institution/clinic; country and briefly mention what is different).

6. Only members of Steffen Moritz and Todd Woodward’s research groups and individuals who have received written permission from Steffen Moritz are allowed to carry out commercial workshops on MCT. This also applies to variants of MCT (e.g., MCT+, D-MCT, B-MCT, MCT-Silver).

By creating an account, you agree to abide by the above rules.

Information on privacy policy

By completing the registration process, all entered data will be transmitted to us. We save your user name, your password (encrypted) and your email address. This data will not be processed in any way and is only being saved to enable you to log into your account. You need to enter an email address and a user name due to technical specifications, however, you may use your email address as your user name as well.

We save mentioned data as long as you uphold your user account. If you would like to close your account and have all associated data deleted, you can do so here. This link can also be found at the bottom of each MCT - Open Source page.

Further information can be found in our privacy policy.

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