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Individualized Metacognitive Therapy for Psychosis (MCT+)


Individualized metacognitive training for psychosis (MCT+) is designed to deepen and adapt the learning objectives of group MCT for individual clients. Click on the appropriate language below for further information and links to the treatment materials. If you are not familiar with group MCT, please visit our page on metacognitive training for psychosis (MCT) first. We have recently developed the second edition of the MCT+ manual, which is, however, currently not available in all languages (the manual can be obtained here). We will update this webpage as other translations of the manual become available.

A recent meta-analysis confirms the efficacy of the approach for the reduction of delusions (Liu et al., 2018).

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Please also note that we have developed e-learning programmes for the MCT and D-MCT: |


Recent meta-analysis: Liu, Y. C., Tang, C. C., Hung, T. T., Tsai, P. C., & Lin M. F. (2018). The efficacy of Metacognitive Training for delusions in patients with schizophrenia: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials informs evidence-based practice. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 15,130–139.

MCT+ case report: Bohn, F., Veckenstedt, R., & Moritz, S. (2014). Individualized metacognitive therapy program for patients with psychosis (MCT+). Introduction of a novel approach for psychotic symptoms. Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy, 42, 105-110.
Randomized controlled trial on MCT+: Moritz, S., Veckenstedt, R., Randjbar, S., Vitzthum, F., & Woodward, T. S. (2011). Antipsychotic treatment beyond antipsychotics: metacognitive intervention for schizophrenia patients improves delusional symptoms. Psychological Medicine, 41, 1823-1832.
Overview on current scientific findings on the MCT: Moritz, S., Vitzthum, F., Randjbar, S., Veckenstedt, R., & Woodward, T. S. (2010). Detecting and defusing cognitive traps: metacognitive intervention in schizophrenia. Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 23, 561-569.

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