Руководство по мойМКТ (русский)/ myMCT OCD Manual (Russian)

Здесь вы можете скачать Бету-версию руководства по мойМКТ и тетрадь для домашних заданий (для более удобного чтения документа используйте увеличение 125%).

Предварительная версия данного концепта показала положительные результаты в недавно проведенном научном исследовании, в котором приняли участие 86 пациентов, страдающие ОКР: мойМКТ оказал положительное воздейстие на обсессии и депрессию по отношению к контрольной группе. Если вы заинтересованы в результатах, Вы можете скачать соответствующию научную статью ниже.

Please help us to help

In view of the troubling situation in the overall health (and self-help) system, it is our goal to provide our programs - such as myMCT or association splitting to people with psychological problems at no or to the lowest possible costs. Moreover, it is our explicit goal to evaluate and further improve myMCT by continuing scientific research. However, research is not only time-consuming, it also requires vast financial resources. If you want to support myMCT, we would be very grateful for donations. Clearly, we will help you with any questions, whether or not you make a donation. No one should feel morally obliged to make a contribution. Grants of any kind and amount are heartily welcome.

All donations will serve to further develop the myMCT; we have neither have a professional financial backing nor an administrative apparatus at our disposal. Because we are a non-profit facility, your donations are tax-deductible, and we will send you a certificate on request. Please send an email with your address to moritz@uke.uni-hamburg.de. All donors will gratefully be acknowledged, independent of donation on our sponsor site. For larger donations in excess of 4000€, donators will be acknowledged in the self-help materials, including presentations.

Please inquire about different possibilities for sponsorship. Donations can be made to the following account (tax certificates will be issued on request):

Pay to: UKE AG Neuropsychologie
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse HASPA

Subject/Account title (this is crucial to ensure that your donation reaches us): 0470/001 - MyMCT

IBAN: DE54200505501234363636