Unfortunately, many individuals with psychological disorders must wait several months before a therapist is able to see them. As an additional barrier to treatment, many do not seek psychological help due to factors such as concern about stigma, the desire to solve their problems on their own, and shame. This results in many people not receiving evidence-based treatment. One solution is to provide self-help interventions, such as bibliotherapy or online therapeutic treatment.

We have developed several self-help approaches for OCD and impulse control disorders, as well as an Imagery Rescripting self-help manual. These manuals may be downloaded at no cost – see the links to the right. On these pages you will also find citations of empirical articles that address the effectiveness of these approaches. In addition, information on metacognitive training for various psychological disorders can be found under the metacognitive training (MCT) tab at the top of this page.

A list of our publications can be found at the bottom of the following site: Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy | Clinical Neuropsychology Unit