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On the following pages you will find information on training in MCT. We offer international workshops in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. Moreover, you can participate in a novel online training course on Metacognitive Training for Psychosis.

MCT Workshops: Further education

Face-to-face workshops

We regularly offer practical workshops on metacognitive training for people with psychosis (MCT/MCT+/MCT-A), depression (D-MCT) and older people with depression (Silver-MCT). These are aimed at psychologists, doctors, psychotherapists, specialist nurses and occupational therapists.

Online workshops

If you would prefer an online workshop, please email us via

Online training

We also offer an online training course on metacognitive training (MCT), which is accredited and certified with 10 continuing education points. You can find more information under MCT Online Training.

Our certified online training course on metacognitive training for depression (D-MCT) and depression in later life (MCT-Silver) is accredited with 7 continuing education points. You can find more information on this under Online Training MCT for Depression.

Online Workshop on MCT for psychosis

On June 20, 2024, from 9 AM to 5 PM CEST, we will conduct another online workshop on MCT for psychosis. During this workshop you will learn how to conduct group and individual MCT for psychosis. No prior knowledge is required. You can sign up for the workshop here. We kindly ask you to consider donating 50€ or a similar amount in your currency to the MCT project if you attend the workshop. If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please contact Annika Schmueser (

If you are interested in attending an online workshop on MCT but cannot attend because you live in a different time zone (e.g., American or Australian time zones), you can express your general interest via this link. We will then notify you of the next workshop that will be held in a more convenient time zone for you.

Workshops in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe

All of our MCT materials are available as a free download (, and we are happy to provide training to clinicians interested running the MCT groups. Although training via a workshop is not mandatory to use our materials, we have received a large number of requests for workshops from colleagues and we are happy to provide training to clinicians interested in running MCT groups.

We typically run a two-day workshop for groups of clinicians. Please contact us for further information regarding costs.

The workshop typically covers the following topics:

  1. Research and theoretical background for each of the MCT modules,
  2. Presentation of and practice with each MCT module/ session (showing specific exercises and conducing role plays)
  3. Integration of group CBT principles in running the MCT group.

Please contact the following individuals for more information with regard to MCT workshops: