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Instructions for the exporting/importing function of COGITO/OBERBERG COGITO

On most smartphones, updating the COGITO app to a newer version works smoothly and all exercises, favorites, medals, and other app settings are retained. Occasionally, however, problems may occur.

An export/import function is included in the COGITO app to ensure that updating to a newer version of the app does not result in the loss of any data. This function can be deactivated, but we recommend that you leave it activated. An automatic backup will then take place every time you open the app.

You can also export COGITO manually. Before each update of the app, it is advisable to first make an export to generate a backup file. You can import this backup file if needed. If everything is working well, do not import the backup file.

Figure: Example of COGITO iOS export/import

This is how to export and import COGITO backup files

  • In the COGITO app, click on “Settings” via the menu on the left and scroll down.
  • The export/import section is at the bottom.
  • You can activate or deactivate this function. If you deactivate it, no backups will be made. Important: You will be the only one who has the backup file. We and other third parties will have no access to your personal data.
  • Click on the “Export” button to create a backup file and save it on your smartphone. If you do not click on this button, the export will be carried out automatically the next time you open the app.
  • After the export, perform app updates using your app store.
  • After the update, check whether your previously saved exercises, favorites, medals, action overview, etc., are still available.
  • If they are not available, go to “Settings” in the export/import section. Click on the “Choose File” button and then use the search function to search for your latest backup file using the search terms “backupfilev“ (the file consists of the term “backupfilev” with the latest version number, e.g., “backupfilev4.1.247”).
  • Click on the file to import it.
  • Subsequently, your exercises, medals, etc., should be available once again.

You cannot find the file?
Open “file manager” > Tap on menu icon (three horizontal lines)
Go to “settings” > Activate the toggle switch next to “show hidden files”

If the update worked and everything is still stored in the app, you do not need to do an import. In fact, we recommend that you do not do an import if everything is working as it should.