Metacognitive Training Videosuite

We have compiled a number of short video clips, mainly for the following modules:

  • 2 and 7 (jumping to conclusions),
  • 4 and 6 (theory of mind) and
  • 5 (memory).

The titles of the video clips contain the names of the modules they are meant for. (

We also offer videos for these modules:

  • 3 (changing beliefs) and
  • 8 8 (mood and self-esteem).

Note: Youtube clips may be converted to video files, if desired, via Just start the program, enter the URL of the clip, and download the converted file onto your computer.

Please see the table below for further instructions. Videos are available on slides that carry the following symbol:

Videosymbol in den MKT-Folien.

Three of the following videos are "homemade" and are best viewed with a free VLC media player. Group members have to detect violations of 10 “unwritten social rules”.

Relevant to modules 2 and 7 (Video shot by Sascha Neeße):

Videos for the MCT

Videos, just examples, feel free to play other videos, suggest a role-play or just continue with the conventional exercises. Some of the videos are taken from advertisements. We have no financial or other ties to these enterprises.

Moduel 1: Attribution

No videos.

Modules 2 and 7: Jumping to Conclusions

Relevant clips from the movies White Noise, Beautiful Mind, 23, PI, Sherlock Holmes, and others can be downloaded at

Please note that some videos are not available for all languages. Via, you can access the Quick Judge videos that are essentially language-free. They depict “jumping to conclusions” in an entertaining way. The video Persecution? that we produced is also language free.

Module 3: Changing Beliefs

The link contains a video on the confirmation bias (look for the video on flexibility). Videos relating to jumping to conclusions (see above) may also be relevant here.

For another video ( you should ask the group two questions. At the beginning, ask participants to watch the video and count how many passes the team in white makes. After the video has ended, ask them whether they saw the moon-walking bear. This video shows how selective our attention is.

Modules 4 and 6: Theory of Mind

We have created two videos for this module (no sound, language-free): "Job interview" and "Café" (Download see above).

Participants are asked to identify 10 social rules that have been violated. Clips from the movie 'Anger Management' may also be relevant, which can be downloaded here: Wutprobe (english) or Wutprobe (german).

Module 5: Memory

Videos depicting the false memory effect are available via (clips have "memory" in their title).

For these video clips, English and German instruction on how to present the videos can be downloaded below.

Module 8 and additional module 1: Mood and Self-Esteem

Videos relevant to mood and self-esteem can be found:

Stigma, additional module 2: Dealing with Prejudices

We recommend to show one of the videos made for the campaign to end stigma around mental health (initiative by Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry), website can be found here.