We have developed a new self-help technique called Retraining in sensu to reduce alcohol craving. Below is a brief introduction to the method. The corresponding self-help manual can be downloaded for free below.


Retraining is a new psychological technique to reduce alcohol craving, which in a number of studies was able to significantly (i.e., not by chance) reduce relapse rates after one year. We have further developed and improved this technique, which was originally computer-based, so that it can now be adapted to address each user’s individual issues and be used flexibly without a computer. In an initial study comprising 84 people with problem drinking behavior, we found that addictive behavior and craving decreased significantly with the use of the technique; a total of 75% of people in the retraining group reported a reduction in drinking (none of the participants reported an increase in consumption). The manual is available for free below.


We are dependent on your feedback and suggestions to further improve the techniques and the comprehensibility of the manual. Therefore, please contact Prof. Dr. Steffen Moritz (moritz@uke.de) to tell us about your experiences using the technique – we would enjoy hearing from you!

We provide the present as well as other self-help manuals at no cost. If you have benefited from the manual and/or would like to support its further development, please consider making a donation. You may donate online via this link, and you will receive an official receipt within a few days.